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These are some of the services we offer:


Custom Research

Whether it’s short-term tactical questions or long-term strategic issues, commissioned research projects allow a better understanding of target audiences, markets, and their associated risks and opportunities.


From intelligence gathering and data investigation to public policy analysis, benchmark studies, and market research, Gonzo Media can help you find what you’re looking for.


Custom Publishing

Whether it’s strengthening an established presence or raising awareness around an innovation, tailor-made print projects allow brands and individuals to showcase products and services.


From editorial and design conceptualization to strategy, project management, and dissemination, Gonzo Media can help you launch a publication that caters to your specific needs.


Event Organization

Whether it’s choosing an appropriate venue or playing the most adequate music, creating the right atmosphere can significantly influence the outcome of a business initiative.


From informal gatherings (company parties) to corporate events (product launches), Gonzo Media can create the perfect audiovisual conditions for the event that best fits your brand.


Graphic Design

Whether it’s online or offline, a chosen visual identity must be unique and recognizable across all communication platforms.


From illustrations, logos, and photos to web and print design, Gonzo Media can help you make all your marketing collateral a seamless and comprehensive reality.

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Digital Communications

Whether it’s reaching partners through online channels or engaging customers on social media, digital communications are an integral part of broader communications strategies.


From campaign conceptualization to day-to-day content production and community management, Gonzo Media can help you optimize and maintain your digital presence.


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Gonzo Media

Gonzo Media is a research and publishing agency operating in Singapore.

With experience in France, Mexico, and Singapore and proficiency across commercial and public policy research, multimedia editorial services, and event organization, Gonzo Media offers traditional and digital communications expertise.